10 Reasons to Investing in Georgia Real Estates

We truly believes investing in Georgia real estate is the best way to earn a passive income. In our experience, real estate investing is the best form of investment because you get to use other people’s money (a renter or tenant) to pay off your initial investment, while concurrent increasing your monthly cash flow.
we’ve compiled the top 10reasons to investing in real estates Georgia through Investment Realty is a turnkey:

investing in georgia real states
investing in Georgia real states
  1. Rich Natural and Cultural Resources

Georgia is a country with amazing valleys, rivers and rugged mountains that shines in the Caucasus region. The infact nature and beauty of this country have provided the perfect conditions for hiking, leisure time. And Georgian culture is one of the richest cultures in the world.

  1. Regional Center

Georgia is located in both Asia and Europe. Thus Georgia has Visa Free Regime with Citizens of 94 countries and additionally holders of valid multi visas or/and residence permits of 50 countries may stay in Georgia for 90 days within one year period.

  1. Continuous Increase of International Visitors

The number of tourists in Georgia and of course in Tbilisi is increasing day by day. The number of international visitors arriving at Tbilisi Airport increased by more than 42%. This increase is itself growing. Now with new routes added, Tbilisi is preparing to boost Western European tourists over the next few years.

  1. Various Type of Resorts

Tbilisi is the most touristy city and the most beautiful capital of Georgia, which has the highest number of tourists compared to other cities in the country. A city that oldest attractions are set in for recreation and accommodation.
Like any other destination, hotels and accommodation close to these attractions on this tourist street are more expensive than Grunter and the farther away you are, the less expensive your accommodation will be.

  1. Great Potential to Develop Real Estate

Georgia offers great potential to develop hotel & leisure, residential and office premises. Construction in Georgia In recent years, due to Georgia’s tendency to European countries, construction of high quality homes and new technologies is expanding.. Additionally investors can benefit from the growing demand office buildings and entertainment facilities.

  1. Increase Influence Your Investment Capital

When you use borrowed capital to enhance the earning potential of an investment, you are using the full power of leverage; and since real estate is a hard asset, financing is readily available. The return on your leveraged real estate investment is substantially increased compared to a non-leveraged investment.

  1. Inflation Hedge

A long-term real estate investing strategy is an effective hedge against inflation because the value of this asset class has historically increased at a rate similar to the rate of inflation. You are thereby ensuring that your “real” or hard asset will help maintain your wealth and your standard of living.

  1. Tax Deductions

Real estate investing allows for several tax deductions. The cost of financing and dividend can be deducted from your income. This includes interest on loans, property taxes, property management costs (if any), repairs, maintenance and other related expenses that are deducted from your rental income, thereby minimizing the amount of tax paid.

  1. Wealth Creation

Over time, strategically selected real estate investments can be powerful vehicles for wealth creation. The value of your investment property increases, while the associated mortgage financing decreases through regular mortgage payments. As a result, it increases equity and increases wealth.

  1. Real Estate is a Renewable Source of Capital

Investment real estate also provides you with a renewable source of capital through re-financing options, as property values increase and mortgage financing decreases over time.


investing in Georgia real states
investing in Georgia real states





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